Sunday, November 2, 2014

Naruto 699

15 years of serialization, and Naruto, one of the Shonen Jump long-runned series going to come to an end in 7 more days. Compliments and critiques can be heard around the world, but out of all, it takes a really great effort and willpower to non-stop drawings for 700 chapters!!

No matter how's the story ends, it marks an important milestone in the history of manga.

Coming along with the manga is Naruto Shippuden movie-The Last which will be aired on screen during December of 2014. I wonder what story will it be conveying in this chapter? A continuation and wrap-up of the manga series? or something different? as the tagline said:

"The last episode; a first love."

So, lets anticipate it on this December!!
Do check out some of the memorable quote in Naruto manga series!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

References: Armor

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It has been awhile since I last posted.
Although there isn't any paintings lately, I do sketches quite a lot, storming myself with ideas and designs. Perhaps, I will start one when things get a bit calmer over here.

I am a great fans and considered myself a heavy users of Pinterest. I found that Pinterest is a very useful tools to either accumulate information or to set up a mood board. If you don't know much about the service, check it out and get yourself an account, it definitely benefit you with ideas and designs.

Here, I posted one of my board featuring some armor designs of my favourite:

You may as well check out my others boards which are mainly for concept designs and ideas.
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So, that's all for now, will share more on the next post.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where have you been?

Where am I now? 
Still on the journey to seek the true value of myself.
Striving hard on my learning and of course, not yet step away too far from my art studies.
For each piece I have finished, I can see the improvements.
But as I compared each and every piece with the pro, I can see the unreachable gap between me and the professional.
Sometimes the body muscles just can cope with the mind. Although we have the idea, but the output just doesn't right. That's why practices are important to make our muscles to realized the technique.
I have wanted to learn so much, yet time is limited to allocate. Should reorganize my time and work harder from now on!!! Out of all, should focus with some serious job first!!

That's all for my blabber.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hey July

Have been three months since the last post I have posted.
Still the same words, have been bumped up with a lot of stuff... and it seems that long postings have lost its stand in nowadays era. People tend to be hanging out more on short "tweeting" and instant social network.
However, I still prefer blog type posting where you can tell more stories.

I believe there are improvements in my arts, but still the colors usage are still very vivid and lack of depth. Have been reading through some material to try and obtain a more layered works...Hopefully I can create something more breaking through.

Life is a matter of pushing your own boundaries!!!
With "satisfying" progression in my drawings, I "am" still stuck with my thesis progression. Some progress here and there but just doesn't enough to make it to my dissertation. I am planning to put a stop to my Master degree studies during the end of 2014, hopefully things can be done by then.

Next stop Singapore (what??!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Experiments 1.2

After quite some time hanging with Experiments 1.1, I have decided to make this Finn@Adventure Time as my progression to Experiments 1.2. Even-though, this is not the best arts out there, but for myself it was a breakthrough.

Series of Adventure Time arts I have drawn pre to this.

Lately, I have started to question myself, what type of art style I am seeking for, what is the lack in my drawings. Maybe I am still far from being a pro, but I definitely want to be a pro some day. Thus, I have started to log into a few forum to seek advises, but sadly not even a reply. Perhaps it is the lack of story behind my creations? or my works are not detail enough.

So, I have started on the other way to improve my skill. For this stage, I choose lighting of characters/environments, basic observational drawings and composition. Hopefully, I can figure something out from these practices.

Based on Adrian Dahich - Nomads

I was trying out with some characters design as well...

As for my studies, I am moving onward to phase 2.0 and hopefully I can complete it before summer in order to finally proceed into the last phase. Wish me best of luck XP