Monday, November 19, 2012


A lot of things to work out with, spending less time managing my drawing (maybe just another excuse).
Post-graduate studies is totally another level of work. Without tight schoolwork schedule but everything is on you own. You plan your own studies, research, classes... and even daily life.

After going so far, I still have a something puzzling my mind: Am I that suitable to go in certain field? 
Others will always telling you "There isn't any free lunch in this world. You work for you own living. How much effort you put in and you will get pay back a reward matching your effort."

So much of alternative thought coming through my mind recently. Besides from working on my own studies, I came out with a lot of ideas, for instances: aquascaping, internet selling, game making, photography.... just too much. There is a theroy: Jack of all trades, master of none. Wanted to try out a lot of things, but just doesn't have the focus, in the end you gain none. 

Tried out some drawings this afternoon, and they were just didn't up to the standard. It has been few years since my last advancement, so this is the "bottleneck" I am facing now..."bottleneck" with everything.
Pending work of 2012 Halloween.

Got to tidy up my brain and my thought, they are messy.
For now, promise to update something better on the next update.



  1. Whats a bottle neck o.o?

    *sigh* I don't think i have the maturity to go after PG studies yet, shall wait for your next post then ;)


    2. Means? Your neck kena squeeze???

    3. hahaha, means....a stage where everything clumps together and cannot squeeze through the small hole. However, once you get out of it, it would be another big and free world, through this process something is left out and something is gained

    4. ohhh...mcm itu....