How long has it been since you listened to the little kid in yourself?

How long has it been since you listened to the kid in yourself?
It was written in the lyrics:

when we were kids, we used to focus on one thing, we got it and we got happy.
but when we grew up,
we got more choices, but we can't fell that deep as we used to.

when we were kids, a smile from us is the precious of all.
but when we grew up, 
even we put in all our effort, we might not be loved or appreciated.

Every pieces of our dreams broke as we grew up.
Heartbroken but that's the truth.
Adults always told us to look into the reality 
since we no longer a kid.

We learnt to make-up to mask oursleves from something
We learnt to be silent to shut-up and see

When we used to be kids, 
we had dreams, we loved to raise our hand in class and expressed ourselves.
The skies are wide and blue that time.
But now, we shut ourselves up with the reality.

Sometimes I was confused,
whether I had became easygoing or I just let go my principle.

The little kid in me still there wishing to try out a lot of experience
but the reality and excuses that constrict....
Nice song that sings the feeling of anyone that still have the kid in themselves.

If human life is counted as 10 years per stage,
I think it is the time for me to make a change in my life during this young adult stage.

It might be irresponsible to do so, but who is responsible for me?

20121221 The Rebellion
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