I want to be a better ARTIST !!

I want to go beyond this point....
But still get stuck with my skills.

I wonder is this is so call the bottleneck.
With the advancement of social network, I happen to come across other artist around the world, read through their creativity and inspiration. Not everyone of them are pro, and mostly hobbyist, they did a great job way better than me!!!! (ya, even a highschooler.) I wonder what is the reason behind this gap....

Time spent in practicing? The spirit of keep searching for new technique and break through your own self?
Sometimes, this technique stuff do cost time and "practices make perfect" is true!!!

I think I will back to traditional drawing after this piece... my Blackie is making my eyes pain, it's display colour is inaccurate, it's sometimes get quite laggy... I will sharpen my drawing skill till I get myself with a better hardware.

For now,
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ee jane
April 18, 2013 at 12:47 AM delete

I think you are improving anyhow =D slowly but surely!

I rewatched an old drama and there is a saying in the drama that goes 'it is the fate of an artist to ....to live a life of jealousy'?? i forgot the exact sentence, but i think it all boils down to doing the thing you love and rediscovering all the ways to love it more *nods nods*